July: The Huddle is Strong.

July 31, 2022

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Pengu Nation!

Welcome to your monthly Pudgy recap! As promised, we’ll continue to provide monthly updates for penguins who may have been under the water. Here’s your July recap!

July was a month of expanding our organic marketing, commemorating the one-year anniversary of Pudgy Penguins, and the beginning of IP utilization in Web3. Last month, in June, we focused heavily on IRL events and curating tangible experiences, while in July we wanted to begin exploring the sides of Web3 many haven’t even begun building in. Let’s travel across the Pudgy Universe and look at everything we accomplished in July.

IP Developments

In July, we offered our holders the ability to license their IP. we announced our partnership with PMI as a starting point for pushing the limits of IP functionality and utilization in Web3. For the PMI partnership, we gave holders the opportunity to submit their personal Pudgy Penguins and Lil Pudgys to be considered for use in our Pudgy Toys. We felt that many projects and people talk about IP rights for their communities, but often the holders never have the time, connections, or resources to truly use their IP. After identifying this problem, we knew we had to begin building in this vertical.

The PMI Partnership is just the beginning of a plethora of IP and licensing opportunities we will offer to our community, and this is a huge step forward for holders in the NFT space as it strengthens the relationship with Web3 collectibles and the benefits they can unlock in the Web2 world. The potential scope for holders to really use their IP is endless, and we are ecstatic to be at the forefront of IP development in Web3.

If you would like to know more about PMI or our developments in IP utilization, read more HERE.

Soulbound, truePengu

July 22nd was the one-year anniversary of Pudgy Penguins. We wanted to make the one-year anniversary special and memorable; a day that stays with you forever. So, to hone in on that sentiment, we took a snapshot at 12 AM on July 22nd, and airdropped a Soulbound token.

A Soulbound token was theorized by Vitalik in his Whitepaper, and was talked about as one of the pillars for identity development in Web3. Taking what he said about a Soulbound token, and applying it to Pudgy Penguins, not only did we begin development in quantifying identity in Web3, but we also became one of the first NFT projects to truly implement a Soulbound token, truePengu.

If you would like to read more about truePengu and soulbound tokens, read more HERE.

GIFs & The Huddle

If there are two things that drove Pudgy Penguins forward from a community standpoint in July, it would be The Huddle growing stronger and more vocal, and GIFs. 

This month, The Huddle banded together stronger than ever and took over Twitter. Many influential crypto Twitter personalities, including Pentoshi and CryptoKaleo, decided to join The Huddle, and Pudgy Penguins started trending on Twitter! This just goes to show the everlasting power and tight-knit bond of the Pudgy Penguins community.

Also, we saw a demand for reactionary content in the market, so we decided to release GIFs. GIFs are a way of expressing your inner thoughts, in a memeable way, without using words, and only a couple weeks after releasing the official Pudgy Penguins GIF, we trended on GIPHY’s homepage, and are on track to hit 40,000,000 views on just GIPHY!

Since we saw a rapid growth in impressions on our Giphy page, we decided to add a tab on our website where you can submit your GIF ideas along with your Pudgy Penguins you want us to feature! We will continue to add more GIFs and it only makes sense to empower our community by taking in their input and utilizing their Penguins.

Click here to visit our GIPHY profile. Click here to visit our Telegram stickers profile.

100k on Instagram

Even though we shifted a lot of our focus to organic marketing, especially on Twitter, our Instagram was very consistent and we hit 100,000 followers! As talked about in previous articles, our Instagram is key to brand positioning and expanding to the masses, so we will continue to grow it and expand it. Below are the stats from our last recap to August 1st.

Followers before: 93,255

Followers on August 1st: 108,193

Growth: 14,938

Other Happenings in July

  • Onboarded our Chinese moderator, DegenDen, as we begin to grow our international communities, especially on the Asian side.
  • Nansen Collab: We partnered with Nansen, the blockchain analytics platform, to give Penguins a free two week trial for exploring their amazing dashboards. This allows for an on-hands premium experience to research, discover, and expand your blockchain data analytic capabilities. Hosted two tutorial AMAs with Nansen in our Discord.
  • We made an appearance on Coingecko’s GeckCon. 
  • Collaborated with Alethea AI to bring the Penguins to life via Alethea AI integration.
  • 10KTF community-led Twitter Spaces.
  • Flip.xyz and Giraffemoney (apps) gave away Pudgy Penguins for promotion.
  • Hosted a poker game with Kanpai Pandas.
  • Gave away 100 tickets to Pandamonium Live in Las Vegas that features Tyga, Rich the Kid, KeyboardMonkey, and more.
  • Huddle Activities: Poker games, Pudgy trivia, Inner Igloo meetings, Meme editing classes.
  • PPMcghee made memes for the community, and also made the one year anniversary recap video.

Closing Remarks

To close off this recap, as always, the team wants to thank The Huddle for their continued support. The Huddle will always prove every other community wrong in many different ways, and without you guys, we would not be where we are at.

As we continue on this journey to building the fastest growing brand in Web3, we are grateful that you are all on this ride with us. The Pudgy Penguins are different from the rest, and we will build, we will innovate, and we will excel.

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Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle