Pudgy Toys: IP Utility and PMI Partnership

July 18, 2022

Check out how the Pudgy Team is partnering with a global toy company to bring the Pengu Nation IP utilization.

Pengu Nation!

Over the past couple of months we have been focused on identifying key areas to innovate and break down Web2 borders. The elephant in the room for Web3 has been IP rights. Everyone talks about the power of having those rights, but often holders don’t have the resources, connections, or time to actually use their IP. 

Due to the difficulty of garnering relationships for licensing deals, we have tapped into our own connections with major distributors, brands, and companies with the main purpose of offering more opportunities to our holders. Alongside reaching into our own network, we put together a partnerships team to aid in the process of growing the Pudgy Penguins brand through collaborations and community involvement. With that being said, we are one of the first NFT projects to offer major licensing opportunities to our holders.

IP Utilization & Adoption

We are proud to announce we are partnering with PMI Toys to bring Pudgy Penguins to life. Yesterday we announced we will be using Penguins from our holders to be featured in our toy-line. This is a huge step forward for holders in the NFT space as it matures the somewhat absent relationship with Web3 collectibles and the benefits they can unlock in the Web2 world.

What this means is that we will be offering licensing opportunities to our holders to make some Penguins come to life, on the shelves of stores, both in real life and online. The potential scope for holders of a project to use their IP in real world scenarios is endless, and the Pudgy Penguins team is ecstatic to be at the forefront of IP utilization and development for Web3.

More about PMI

As we continue to embark on this journey of creating the fastest growing Web3 brand in the world, utilization and mass adoption of Web3 IP is very important. With that in mind, we partnered with PMI Toys to incorporate these two aspects and push forward Web3 culture through the Pudgy Penguins brand.

When garnering partnerships for any initiative we want to act on, we only want to work with those that believe in the scope of Web3 like we do. This is why we partnered up with PMI Toys, because they are eager to bring the Pudgy Penguins to life, through toys. PMI Ltd. Kids’ World is an international brand that has been leading the children’s merchandise and toy market for nearly 25 years. PMI has used its network of 100 worldwide distributors to work with and introduce product lines for widely recognizable brands such as Fortnite, Nerf, Harry Potter, Hasbro, and now Pudgy Penguins to markets around the world.

Final Remarks

The Pudgy toys are set to launch as early as Q4 of 2022, and with PMI Toys as our partners, we are excited for the Penguins to waddle the toy aisles. If you would like to read more about PMI Toys and the many other brands, and accomplishments they have achieved, check out their website here.

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