July & August Recap

September 19, 2023

July and August recap

Welcome to your monthly Pudgy recap! As promised, we’ll continue to provide monthly updates for penguins who may have been fishing in a cave.
As always, all past updates and news can be found here.
Let’s jump into everything that happened in the igloo in July and August.

Shows and Conferences

Comic Con

We traveled to San Diego to showcase Pudgy Penguins to the world. During the few full days our booth was open, thousands of people got to meet, explore, and connect with our brand through reels, videos, and toys. 

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes from Comic Con in our latest Building in Public episode.

Pudgy Penguins in Comic Con San Diego, 2023

Sweet Suite Toy Insider

Thanks to PMI Toys, our partner for Pudgy Toys, we had a booth in Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite in New York.

Pudgy Penguins in Toy Insider's Sweet Suite

IVS 2023 & HelloNFT

Austin, Pudgy’s Head of Growth, was in Japan for IVS 2023, Japan’s largest startup conference. From there, he went to Korea for the HelloNFT conference.

IVS 2023

Limited-edition Collectibles

Banana Suit

Continuing on our monthly initiative of releasing limited-edition collectibles, on July 8th, we launched the Banana Suit on NTWRK and SASOM, and it sold out in seconds.

Left Facing Penguin

On August 8th, we released the Left Facing Penguin collectible, which is based on the 1/1 Mirrored Penguin, the only Pudgy Penguin in the collection that is facing to the left.

Pineapple Penguin on Mighty Jaxx

The Pineapple Penguin collectible, which is based on the 1/1 Pineapple Penguin, was released exclusively on Mighty Jaxx.
This collaboration marked another step towards increasing the Pudgy Penguins brand and reach as we continue to promote the IP to more audiences across the globe.

Our goal with these drops is to invade the traditional collector market with the Pudgy Penguins IP. This is a key stepping stone on our journey to become the face of NFTs. 
Learn more about the mindset behind these drops here.

NounsDAO x Pudgy Penguins Collectible

Another vital point of our collectible drops is the opportunity to collaborate with other IPs and communities. 

We made a proposal on NounsDAO to collaborate on a Nouns x Pudgy Penguins physical collectible piece. Thanks to the amazing support of the Nouns community, the proposal has passed, and we’re excited to launch this piece later this year. This will be the first joint-IP collectible of a Pudgy Penguin with the iconic Nouns glasses.

Pudgy Swap

Pudgy Swap is a peer-to-peer NFT trading platform that our friends at flip.xyz built. This provides a branded and easy-to-use platform that people can use to trade multiple assets and ETH across different collections.
Check it out at https://pudgyswap.com/ and follow the Twitter page for the latest updates and trades.

Safety Efforts

We made an effort to increase our safety initiatives as phishing scams became more common and targeted our active community. Working in tandem with Doppel, we took down dozens of phishing websites and social media accounts and continuously promoted safety practices through our dedicated Safety-Corner channel in Discord.

Safety Pin

With that, we also released the Safety Pin—an earnable soulbound token for everyone!
The Safety Pin will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate their commitment to learning, implementing, or teaching safe security practices.

The first batch of Safety Pins went to holders who took a dedicated Safety 101 course for Pudgy Penguins holders, hosted by BoringSecDAO on August 20th.
From here on, our Community Safety Lead, TheChild, will award the Safety Pin to holders and non-holders alike who demonstrate excellence in safety.
Keep tabs on the Safety Corner channel in Discord.

Igloo Merch Drop - Delivery 1

Separate from our NFT-related merchandise, we released a limited-capacity collection of items featuring the igloo logo. This was Delivery 1. Everything in the collection is limited during the season, but it does restock until we drop the new collection (Delivery 2). Delivery 2 will be a much bigger drop, and it'll include the Varisty Jacket.

Check out the igloo merchandise at: https://igloo.shop/, and keep tabs on https://www.instagram.com/igloo/

Community initiatives

In-person meetups and events:

Learn more about the latest initiatives in Asia here.

Other happenings:

Explore more initiatives and groups on our community page.

Social media and exposure growth

Our social channels are continuing to grow rapidly, with our main Instagram surging past 700k followers, our Giphy impressions surpassing 6 billion across two accounts, and our new TikTok approaching 100k followers.

The Lil Pudgys Instagram account is also gaining traction very fast, once again proving the virality and likeability of our Pudgys. Give it a follow if you haven’t already: https://www.instagram.com/lilpudgys/

Pudgy Penguins Instagram metrics

Closing Remarks

To close off this recap, we want to thank our community for building within The Huddle and empowering each other. July marked two years since Pudgy Penguins was born. On July 22, 2021, the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection was minted, and around the cute penguin JPGs was formed a community that took everyone by storm. Like we say in every recap, our community is a big part of why we are where we are.

As we continue on this journey of building the fastest growing IP brand in Web3, we are grateful that you are all on this ride with us. The Pudgy Penguins are different from the rest, and we will build, we will innovate, and we will excel.

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord and check out our OpenSea.

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