"Left Facing" Collectible

August 7, 2023

Last month, we released the limited-edition physical collectible based on the 1/1 Banana Penguin, the Banana Suit, which sold out in 7 seconds. These high-end collectibles are produced in-house and offer a physical and digital experience unlike any other collectible.

This month, we're releasing the Left Facing collectible, which is based on the 1/1 Left Facing Pudgy Penguin #6873. Our goal with these drops is to invade the traditional collector market with the Pudgy Penguins IP. As we aim to become the face of NFTs, this high-value market outside of Web3 is one we want to invade and introduce to Pudgy Penguins.


NTWRK is a leader in the online collectible market space. With millions of users, most of whom are actively looking for the newest and most desirable collectible drop, NTWRK gives us the distribution we need to build brand awareness outside of Web3.

While the mass-produced toys we launched on Amazon are designed to onboard consumers from a wide range of ages and cultures, the high-end collectibles launched on NTWRK are curated specifically for top-tier collectors who understand the value of collectibles but have yet to be immersed in the NFT space.


A portion of the Banana Penguin collectible will drop on SASOM, which, similar to NTWRK, is a Thai marketplace platform for collectibles and rare items, and their users are of the same nature. Much like StockX, SASOM’s online marketplace has everything from high-end clothing to the latest footwear releases.

SASOM makes a perfect platform for marketing and selling our physical collectibles as we aim to grow our reach and attract new people into the Huddle.

The Mindset

We know that the growth of the Pudgy Penguins brand and IP creates a greater top of the funnel for the NFTs you already own and love. That’s why reaching new markets with this IP is very important. This initiative is one of our ways to grow the Huddle without diluting the core collections or raising money from our community.

Being the Face of NFTs

Mass adoption is a term that often gets overused and mixed with far-fetched strategies. Our way of getting there is step by step, with products and experiences that are curated for particular audiences. Over the past year, we’ve reached millions of people, and our creations have made billions of impressions through social media, proving the appeal of Pudgy Penguins. The launches on NTWRK mark another stepping stone toward our vision to become a world-renowned IP by being the face of NFTs in the collectible market.

Drop Structure


Date: Tuesday, August 8th.

Time: 9:45pm EST

We will be releasing the "Left Facing" collectible at

We will be live streaming the launch here:

SASOM (Asia Time - SGT)

Date: Wednesday, August 9th.

Time: 9:45am EST

We will be releasing the "Left Facing" collectible on Sasom at

Further updates and more information about the drop, watch party, and spots for holders will be posted in our Discord.

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle