Pudgy Rods - All You Need To Know

January 25, 2023

The Pudgy Rods collection is one of the three official Pudgy Penguins collections. Their story is an integral part of the lore, and to understand them fully, you have to know about their history.

The history of Pudgy Rods

Pudgy Rods, AKA “rogs”, (previously “Pudgy Presents”) were released as a free-to-claim NFT on August 30th, 2021, one for each Pudgy Penguin held. They were released as eggs wrapped in red ribbons, and their contents were kept as a surprise.

During the time between the release and the reveal on Christmas, people were speculating about the possible outcomes of the eggs. After months of anticipation, on Christmas Eve, the presents revealed. People generally didn't know what to expect, but were extremely underwhelmed with the unveiling of the fishing rods.

The aesthetics were pretty bland, and to add salt to injury, they were misspelled as "Rogs."

The fishing rods reveal was not well received by the community or by Crypto Twitter in general. It was widely considered a flop, and it strengthened people's already existing FUD cases against Pudgy Penguins and its founding members.

That Christmas eve signified a turning point in the Pudgy Penguins history.

Since its inception, Pudgy Penguins had to deal with a lot of skepticism and FUD. But every time things go wrong, the community comes together with great strength, gives a piece of their mind, and works together to change things. That day was no different, and it was felt that even people who weren’t part of the community cared enough to show what they felt about the situation.

Moreover, this event created an emotional connection with the people who were there. It's a moment that will be remembered not only on that particular day but also in the future. They will never forget it.

It's kind of like a memorable, plot-twisting movie scene.

This saga proved how much people care about the brand by showing how far they're willing to go to voice their concerns and critiques. It also made the Pudgy Penguins story more engaging and enjoyable. The community incorporated the entire saga into the lore through many memes and jokes, and it became part of the culture.

Looking Ahead

The Pudgy Rods have developed a layer of utility and will serve as a multiplier for certain licensing deals, on-chain drops, or claims we may do in the future.

Learn more here.

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