September: Storytelling

September 30, 2022

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Welcome to your monthly Pudgy recap! As promised, we’ll continue to provide monthly updates for penguins who were hiding in an egg. Here’s your September recap!

Coming off of our massive accomplishments in August, we began to explore new aspects of Web3 in September and hone in on the Pudgy Penguins vision and story. September was a month where we began to develop our storytelling initiatives while also continuing and expanding on our identity and licensing initiatives. While still being in a bear market, we continued to build, innovate, and develop in the various areas of Web3. Let’s travel across the Pudgy Universe and look at everything we accomplished in September.

The Beginning of Storytelling

A big part of NFT sentiment in September was storytelling. Content had been a big part of many projects, but a story attached to that content was lacking. In September, we took initiative and began to explore and step foot into what storytelling really looks like from a Web3 brand. After understanding the various forms storytelling can take, we released our collaboration video with Nonfungiblefilms, and announced that we will be building in this vertical.

In addition to exploring the different shapes and sizes storytelling can take, we also announced that we will be casting Penguins straight from the community to help us tell these stories in any shape they take. Whether this is a short animated series, a children’s book, or even consecutive content, storytelling is how we will involve our community in our lore for years to come.

Shortly after conveying our vision for storytelling through Pudgy Penguins, we were also featured on the homepage of OpenSea below the subheading, Storytelling NFTs!

Community Takeover: Asia Edition

Our community ambassador, DegenDen, has done a remarkable job of expanding the Pudgy Penguins presence and connecting people, especially in Asia. With the help of the community and wholesome sponsors, the community held a top-tier event in Singapore. Shoutout to this event's sponsors that include: Nansen.ai, Voyage.Finance, Powerbomb.Finance, and HQ.xyz.

This event goes to show how powerful The Huddle really is. No matter where you go, there will always be a Pudgy Penguin to support you and uplift you in any circumstance. This event is just one of the many ways our community stays on top as one of the strongest communities in Web3.

The Licensing Saga

When we first announced our licensing deal in collaboration with PMI toys, many thought it was a one-and-done deal. Internally, we knew we weren’t going to stop there and we had no plan to stop. Licensing IP and providing opportunities from and for your community is a big part of the future of Web3. Here are a couple of updates from our ever expanding licensing initiatives. 

We announced that we would be selecting more Lil Pudgys from our community for our toy line with PMI, and we introduced those additions as well as a sneak peek of the toys on Twitter.

In August we announced our Pudgy Children’s Book in collaboration with Green Kids Club, and this month we introduced the Penguins that were selected for our Children’s book.

In addition to our chapter one short story with Nonfungiblefilms, we are licensing out Penguins from our community to be included in our storytelling initiatives.

If you are interested in making your Penguin a star, click here.

Other Notable Happenings in September

  • Pudgy Penguins continues to take over Twitter
  • We airdropped our Penguineering, community developer team, their very own penguPin!
  • We cheered on Fedor Holz and Linus Loeliger as they both had incredible showings in high-stakes tournaments in the Triton series in Cyprus.
  • Pudgy Penguins became available on Magiceden.
  • @JoeyMooose is officially part of the @pudgypenguins team! Joey is one of the greatest examples of what it means to truly be your NFT, and he's joining the team to help spread the vision to web3 people and beyond. 🐧💚
  • We upgraded the Pudgy Penguins Discord security! Huge thanks to @Jon_HQ for a thorough audit and great insight!
  • @coingecko posted a great video about the journey of the Pudgy Penguins: 🦎🤝🐧
  • In a Discord AMA, Luca revealed a Pudgy Penguins integration into @GalaxyFight_NFT and incorporating the rogs as a weapon within their game environment.
  • The introduction of @penguprincesses - a community-lead group dedicated to spreading love and good vibes.
  • Various activities for our community like community Twitter Spaces, wallet security discussions, meme schools, and trivia.

Closing Remarks

To close off this recap, we want to start by thanking our community for building by our side and empowering others. Like we always say, and still believe, The Huddle is a very big part of where we are.

As we continue on this journey to building the fastest growing IP brand in Web3, we are grateful that you are all on this ride with us. The Pudgy Penguins are different from the rest, and we will build, we will innovate, and we will excel.

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Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle