November: Fine Art

November 30, 2022

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Welcome to your monthly Pudgy recap! As promised, we’ll continue to provide monthly updates for penguins who may have been fishing in a cave. Here’s your November recap! 

In November, through one of our key partnerships, we wanted to even further solidify ourselves as a digital collectible. From various product developments, to high tier partnerships, November was a month full of entering new industries and pushing forward more community initiatives.  Let’s travel across the Pudgy Universe and look at everything we accomplished in November.

Pudgy Penguins in Sotheby's

On November 18th, we announced our auction in Sotheby’s, one of the oldest, most internationally recognized auction houses in the world. 

This auction was a special one that helped move forward Web3 as well. Not only did we auction off the most notorious Pudgy Penguin in the collection, Cole’s Penguin, but we also issued the first ever Soulbound Token (SBT) to be distributed by a major company like Sotheby’s. The SBT will be the ironclad authentication certificate and will include ownership and auction details.

The proceeds from the auction were distributed between a community fund, called The Cozy Horizon Fund, to help accelerate community initiatives, and Oceanities, a conservation group. 

The auction concluded on November 30th, and garnered a total of $128,898. This auction was a testament to the potential for Pudgy Penguins. Our historical sale in Sotheby’s was a major milestone for the Pudgy Penguins brand, and it helps plant our flag in the Web2 and Web3 space for years to come.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the auction, and those who dressed up and utilized the #beaksoutforsothebys hashtag on Twitter.

If you would like to read more about the auction, check out the official Sotheby’s page for our auction here.

Product Updates

From a clothing standpoint, we released our new apparel line that is catered to a broader audience and leans on the uplifting and affirmative aesthetic of our brand. 

Check out the line here: shop.pudgypenguins.com

We also partnered up with Glassie to offer a patent-protected technology branded screen protector that has a Pudgy Penguin and an affirmation post whenever your phone is off.

Check that out here

Community Initiatives

We've officially started utilizing @gmfamxyz!

For a long time now, we’ve realized there’s a real need for an organized way to keep up with everything that’s happening. With Fam's decentralized community calendar, it's super easy to discover and organize any kinds of activities, and stay up-to-date on past and upcoming events. 

As new events are planned, we'll post updates in the dedicated Discord channel. Click here for our calendar link.

Other Happenings

  1. We've collaborated with @HologramLabs to integrate Pudgy Penguins in their application that intuitively lets you become your penguin on any social, gaming, or conferencing platform.
  1. We now have a dedicated meme maker built into our website with all sorts of Pudgy assets and templates. Try it out here
  2. Creator profiles are now live on the Pudgy marketplace.
  1. We’re one of the NFT communities to be integrated into Jenkins The Valet's metaverse storytelling initiative. You can now create characters with your Pudgys and Lil Pudgys on there.

Closing Remarks

To close off this recap, we want to thank our community for supporting us and every one of our initiatives. Like we say in every recap, our community is a big part and will continue to be a big part of the Pudgy Penguins brand.

As we continue on this journey of building the fastest growing IP brand in Web3, we are grateful that you are all on this ride with us. The Pudgy Penguins are different from the rest, and we will build, we will innovate, and we will excel.

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord and check out our Opensea.

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle