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May 31, 2022

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Pengu Nation!

Welcome to your Monthly Pudgy Recap! As we build out the Pudgy Penguins brand, we plan on giving a monthly synopsis of what went down over the month for penguins who may have been sleeping under a rog. Here’s your May recap!

May was the first month in which we began to work on growing and scaling Pudgy for the future. Due to the nature of any acquisition, the first 4-6 weeks (April) were mainly focused on setting the business up to be compliant and legitimate (insurance, payroll, legal documents, employee handbooks, company guidelines, and more). May was the first month of rolling up our sleeves, getting creative, and executing. Let’s take a dive into what we accomplished in the month of May. 

Pudgy Media. Built with love, for The Huddle

A big initiative our team had for this month was Pudgy Media. We won’t go too in depth about the vision behind Pudgy Media and how it came to be, because it deserves its own article, but the essence of Pudgy Media was that we wanted to have a hub for all things Pudgy. More information can be found in this thread

We didn't want to release Pudgy Media without teasing something that resembled the higher-arching vision. This led us to collaborate with Justin Escalona on a Youtube video where he travels the world in under 14 days, pushing the message that you can do anything you put your mind to, as well as showing the world that Pudgy Penguins is and will continue to be about empowering creators. Here’s the video for those who might have missed it: 

Pudgy Media took countless hours, calls, and brainstorming sessions to truly incorporate our vision, and it is still changing. As the Pudgy Penguins brand develops and matures, Pudgy Media will grow as well.

Good vibes on Instagram

Instagram played a big role in the growth of Pudgy Penguins in May. The marketing team pivoted towards a good vibes and positivity focused strategy, and this began to build momentum and brand awareness for our mission and vision. Once we began to shed light on empowering and embodying positivity, our Instagram grew like wildfire. 

Below are the stats for our Instagram from the last time we had a recap to now.

Followers before: 22,200

Followers currently: 51,100

Growth: 28,900 Followers (+120% MoM) 

Average Likes: 1,352 Likes (+133% MoM)

Month-over-month growth (MoM) - The change in value as a percentage of the previous month's value.

Again, this is just the beginning for the growth of our Instagram following and positioning. As the Pudgy Penguins community and brand grows, our Instagram will also continue to position itself to fit the brand’s vision and attract a new wave of users to the project.

For the Huddle, by the Huddle. Community self-mobilization

From the community side, especially in our Discord, a huge initiative for the Pudgy Penguins community team was self-mobilization. Self-mobilization, with respect to Pudgy Penguins, is the idea of uplifting and empowering the community to embark on their personal hobbies and goals. This means promoting and incubating initiatives that members of The Huddle want to pursue. 

Keeping the idea of self-mobilization in mind, our community team made it a goal to host Huddle Activities every week, with the exception of our Miami event. 

Below is a list of all the Huddle Activities that the Pudgy Penguins Discord enabled creators, artists, and community members to participate in and contribute to.

05/08 - Post your best Pudgy Yacht Party moments on Twitter contest

05/13 - Pudgy Yoga, Free Yoga for all Holders of Lil Pudgys and Pudgys. Find out more here.

05/14 - How To Cheer Up When The Market Is Down w/ @LucaNetz & @AssetBender Twitter Spaces

05/17 - Post Production and Video Editing class w/ PPMcghee. Discord Streaming Session.

05/18 - Community-Led Twitter Space w/ Lord of the Rogs (Market talk)

05/19 - Post your IRL Pudgy Penguin contest on Twitter

05/20 - Small Igloo Voice Chat & Chill in Discord

05/21 - Pushed 5 New AR Instagram Filters 

05/22 - Discord Community AMA w/ Luca Netz

05/24 - Luca’s interview with Defiant, talking about Pudgy Penguins

05/25 - The Crypto Blizzard Community Spaces w/ Bogfather

05/26 - Small Igloo Voice Chat & Chill in Discord

05/28 - Community Poker Tournament

05/29 - Holders only Community Brainstorm

05/29 - Discord Community AMA w/ Luca Netz

05/30 - ZenGo Crypto Wallet Security AMA w/ ZenGo and TheChild

With all of these various community initiatives ideated by members of the community and fostered and accelerated by the Pudgy Penguins team, the Pudgy Penguins community team will continue to empower talent and hobbies from within The Huddle.

Pudgy Penguins experiences and memories, through events

A major part of May for Pudgy Penguins as a whole was our Miami event. This event was put together at a high-level in a short period of time. The Pudgy Penguins F1 Weekend Yacht Party is one of those events that will set the standard for experiences curated by Web3 brands in the space. If you would like to know more about the event, check out the article here.

Pudgy Yacht Party Recap:

If you thought the Pudgy Yacht Party was cool, then check out our upcoming NFT NYC event. here.

Other happenings in May

  1. Tory Lanez performed at our Miami Event
  2. Pudgy Penguins spoke at the first ever Coin Market Cap panel
  3. Updated OpenSea banners for Pudgy Penguins and Lil Pudgys
  4. Put together Pudgy Pedia, which is a dictionary-style part of Pudgy Media that walks through Pudgy memes and lore
  5. Hosted a Twitter Spaces with WGMI Media
  6. Hosted a YouTube video with Defiant News 
  7. Hired three new illustrators for content (ie Opensea banners and NFT NYC content)
  8. Announced NFT NYC speaking and event details

Closing Remarks

To close this recap off, the team wants to thank The Huddle for their continued support and insight. Throughout May, The Huddle has continued to innovate and contribute by providing feedback and suggestions for Pudgy Penguins, and this is what sets Pudgy Penguins apart from the rest. What people saw in May is just the beginning for Pudgy Penguins, and we are grateful you are all in this ride with us.

As talked about in the State of the Huddle, the team believes in transparency and communication, and we know that if we continue to innovate and excel, we will create the fastest-growing Web3 brand in the world.

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May was a successful month for solidifying ourselves as a brand in Web3.

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle