How To Buy NFTs

January 3, 2023

To get started on your NFT journey, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet funded with, you guessed it, cryptocurrency. I’ll skip the technicalities and boring jargon and assume you have a wallet, let’s take the popular MetaMask as an example, with some Ethereum on it.

The most popular NFT marketplace is OpenSea. You can explore, buy, and sell NFTs there. Once you’ve navigated to OpenSea, you’ll have to connect your MetaMask wallet, which will be prompted automatically when you click on your profile.

When it comes to choosing one particular NFT to purchase out of many listings, there are a couple things you should consider:

The price.
It’s an open market, and people can list NFTs for however much they want. On the OpenSea page of a particular collection, you’ll see an "Activity" tab, in which it shows all the recent transactions.

The traits.
Different NFTs have different traits. If you’re trying to assess if one trait is considered premium, you can filter by traits in the Analytics section, located next to Activity. You can get data on previous transactions by filtering specific traits. 

Once you find the NFT of your desire, buying it is pretty easy. Click on “Buy Now”, approve the transaction in your MetaMask wallet, and once the transaction has been completed, it’s yours!

You can navigate to your OpenSea profile to see your collection. Keep in mind that your NFTs are stored in your wallet; the marketplace simply lets you view your wallet’s holdings.

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