Yacht Party Details

April 30, 2022

Official Pudgy Penguins F1 Yacht Party Itinerary

Hey Penguins of the World, on April 9 2022, all Pudgy Penguin and Lil Pudgy holders received a chance to win a spot on the Pudgy Yacht Party. After picking our winners shortly after, all spots have been officially fille and below is the official itinerary for the Pudgy Yacht Party being held on May 7, in Miami.

The team has worked alongside event planners, caterers, and more to ensure that this Yacht Party sets the bar for the more experiences Pudgy Penguins plans to offer for its holders.

Below is the itinerary for our May 7, Authentic Pudgy Penguins Experience.

Meeting Point 1: Private Mansion

12:00 PM EST: The #HuddleUp. In the beginning part of this experience, we will have our Check-In, welcome brunch, and security measures in place to make sure that everyone has proper wristbands, etc. and can get on the Yacht safely!

During brunch, the Penguins will have the opportunity to network with 8-10 figure earners, eat from a sprawling display of the best brunch foods, get mimosas from our living champagne wall, and drink beer from the famous VW van. But remember, experiences are all about surprises…

12:45 PM EST: Introduction by Andrew Viera for the event.

1:00 PM EST: Huddle meets World. In this Speed Networking section of the event, the Penguins have 30 minutes to network with people from all over the world that they haven’t talked to. This part of the event encapsulates the Pudgy Penguins spirit of impacting and learning in this space, one Penguin at a Time.

1:30 PM EST: Speech by Mike Sancho - Cryptocurrency

2:30 PM EST: Speech by Luca Netz - Pudgy Penguins #HuddleUp

3:15 PM EST: Q&A Session

4:30 PM EST: The Penguins begin to board and set sail towards the promised lands.

The Penguins will begin their journey on the magnificent Seafair Yacht. The $40M purpose-built yacht was designed by internationally acclaimed yacht designer Luiz De Basto. At 228 feet and 2800 international tons, it is the largest ship built for commercial operation in the Intracoastal Waterway.

Upon boarding the Yacht, The Huddle will be greeted with custom cocktails, a platter of appetizers, exotic cars and various Pudgy Penguins Themed photo opps. But, it doesn’t stop there…

Imagine this: IRL Poker Games, a chance to try on watches only a few may ever own, a show in the sky, and more. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because it’s happening on May 7th, for The Huddle.

Meeting Point 2: The Seafair Yacht

4:45 PM EST: If you couldn’t make it to the Mansion, check in starts now.

5:00 PM EST: Hors d'oeuvres & coconuts with logos being passed around

6:00 PM EST: The Huddle Sets Sail!

7:00 PM EST: Huddle Spirited Dinner. This dinner will be a **fixed seating dinner** that was put into place to ensure that the Penguins get to meet people they don’t know and connect with others on a deeper level. We call this, Huddling.

7:45 PM EST: Speeches from Guest Speakers

8:30 PM EST: Entertainment - Anything burlesque - cirque de soleis

9:45 PM EST: Speech by Andrew on where to go

At this point, you may be wondering… it’s getting late, and it’s time to go. Well, always remember that Penguins can stay in water OR on land. It’s now time for the Penguins to migrate back to the mansion for an after party. The Pudgy Penguins Team always has a surprise that is more than what meets the eye, and this isn’t any different.

10:30 PM EST: Tequila testing and a Special Guest Performance.

At 10:30 PM EST, we will conclude the Official Pudgy Penguins F1 Yacht Party Experience. This is something the teaming is ecstatic about and we are thankful for all of you that are on this journey with us!

Also, if you missed this one, just know there will always be more. This is just the beginning to a series of Pudgy Penguin Experiences, we are just setting the stage for more… #HuddleUp

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle