State of The Huddle

April 27, 2022

A new beginning for Pudgy Penguins: A deep dive into our vision and mission as we accelerate Pudgy Penguins into a global brand.

Pengu Nation!

Today marks three weeks since our acquisition of Pudgy Penguins, and all of its assets, from the previous owners. Over the last three weeks, we’ve been planning the execution of accelerating Pudgy Penguins into a globally known brand.

Since the beginning, our priority has been to build the infrastructure needed to support our various endeavors for years to come. Without a proper foundation, we cannot scale. Therefore, as a team, it is necessary to address and clearly convey the foundational efforts we have accomplished in the past couple of weeks.

Some of our recent achievements include:

  • Authenticity — Secured @pudgypenguins username across all social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) to solidify brand alignment.
  • Verification — Verified @pudgypenguins on all major social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Discord)
  • Company Rebrand — Established brand colors, new logos, primary and secondary typefaces, positioning, brand voice, and mission statement.
  • Key Hires — Over the last 3 weeks, we have hired 8 people that we believe will be imperative to our growth.
  • Social Media Positioning — Content rollout and messaging.
  • Vision — We consolidated our twelve-month sprint into a Quest Map, but more importantly, we envisioned what we want our next 20 years to look like.
  • Our Story — To us, Pudgy Penguins is more than art on a blockchain. They’re a story. Who are they? Where are they going? What is their purpose? So, as a team we conceptualized and created the lore and story behind Pudgy Penguins.

Why did we buy Pudgy Penguins?

First, is its impact. There’s a unique opportunity to help people with these Pudgy Penguins. When we look at our Pengus, we experience joy. We feel that our modern society sits in an unprecedented position, with so many of us held down by anxiety & depression. We want to leave our mark on both Web 3.0 & Web 2.0 as a brand that distributes and exudes positivity each and every day. We all spend many hours of our day staring at a screen. Those brief interactions with content & individuals should build you up, not tear you down. As both an organization and a community, we believe that we have an obligation to impact as many people as possible in a productive and positive way.

Second, we feel like we owe it to you, Penguins, for getting us here. A majority of our team’s first dive into the NFT space was through Pudgy Penguins. Without them, most of us never would have fallen in love with Web 3.0. We believe Pudgy has the power to create similar experiences, giving people the same love for NFTs that Pudgy gave us.


The Pudgy Penguins brand has a unique opportunity to be the brand that leads the way in onboarding people from Web 2.0 into Web 3.0. This positioning exists because of the nature of the IP. Some unique value propositions that the IP has are:

  • Inclusivity — due to the nature of the art, we believe Penguins are some of the most inclusive PFPs in the space. No matter your ethnicity, gender identity, age, or political stance, Penguins resonate with people from all walks of life.
  • Art — There’s something about these Penguins that people migrate towards. Something in the art that makes them feel a certain positive emotion that is very hard to replicate. From their thick outlines, pudgy physique, and creative traits, the art makes people fall in love.
  • Opportunity — The beauty of Pudgy Penguins is the opportunity it presents. There isn’t a direction we can’t go and an avenue we can’t pursue. From events, merchandise, product innovations in the physical and virtual world, as well as storytelling opportunities, there isn’t an avenue we’re marginalized into.

What are our future plans and vision?

NFTs are the beginnings of a bottom-up economy where creators, artists, and builders can thrive without being financially deprived of their creations. This is the beginning of a shift out of a societal framework that has plagued our society for thousands of years. It’s for these reasons that we want to help enable this space to expand and succeed.

To make an unfamiliar product familiar is what’s going to be necessary for mass adoption. Making NFTs un-intimidating and user-friendly is where we want to win. Our goal is to dominate in this area through our product innovations, partnerships, and storytelling.

It’s not about who wins, but that Web 3.0 wins. We will position our future not only for Pudgy Penguins but for NFTs as a whole.

What are some things to look forward to?

We’ve outlined some objectives and aspirations that we plan on executing in the next 12 months. These are in no particular order, though you may be able to put some things together via our Quest Map:

  • Pudgy Media launch
  • F1 event
  • Major partnerships
  • Advisory board formation
  • Merchandise
  • NFT NYC event
  • Community health partnerships
  • Retail partnerships
  • Story-telling initiatives
  • Major brand collaborations
  • Charitable initiatives / activations
  • Digital game
  • Staking-esque mechanism with a unique value proposition
  • Treasure hunts
  • Pudgy Fest Concert
  • Pudgy Mastermind Conference
  • Viral marketing campaigns
  • Web 3.0 tools that benefit web 3.0 and holders alike.
  • Pudgy Penguins Adventure Capital fund
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Below is our team that will lead The Huddle on these endeavors:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Luca Netz
  • President: Drew Koven
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Nicholas Ravid
  • Chief Creative Officer: Peter Lobanov
  • Chief Technology Officer: Lorenzo Melendez
  • Chief Blockchain Officer: Ulysses Atkeson
  • Chief Operations Officer: Dr. Kaizu
  • Senior Advisor: Asset Bender
  • Investor Relations: Maxi Kozler
  • Event Coordinator: Charles Keiu
  • Marketing: Nathan Nakhmanovich
  • Strategy: Paolo Moreno
  • Community Leader: Berko
  • Artist: Mingo

Our community team includes:

  • Community Leader: Berko
  • Community Manager: ActuallyAgents
  • Chief Meme Officer: PPMcgee
  • Executive Content Creator: Vinyl
  • Community Security: The Child

We want to highlight that these are the team members responsible for getting The Huddle through The Great Blizzard. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today.

Some key hires we’ve made include:

  • Julius — Author
  • Jim — HR
  • Mike — Social Media Manager
  • JJ — Illustrator
  • Chris — Blog Writer
  • Michael — Executive Operations Assistant
  • Veronica — Events Coordinator
  • Sean — Events Coordinator

Clarity on the Quest Map:

Over the coming years, there will be many quest maps and the one released last Wednesday is the first of many adventures. The quest map is open to interpretation, however, there are many clues that may lead one to assume what each chapter entails…

Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen some confusion regarding the Pengu Games. To add clarity, the “Pengu Games” is a game with multiple modes, and it will be EPIC.

When making the game we have three objectives in mind:

  1. Make something that’s extremely FUN that users will LOVE to play.
  2. Create a game that can be adopted by the masses, that is frictionless, and that embodies all the best things of Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 Gaming.
  3. Create a collaborative ecosystem where builders can build.

The Awakening:

Phase one of our Questmap is referenced as “The Awakening.” As the story will tell, The Awakening is when the Penguins emerge from the snow after enduring The Great Blizzard. As they emerge, they consolidate their resources and establish a plan. They lay out their objectives and prepare themselves for their journey ahead. The Penguins have been awakened.

In our world, The Awakening is the same as that of the Pudgys and entailed the following:

Completed Objectives:

  • Securing the official usernames
  • Verification on all platforms
  • Company rebrand
  • Infrastructure hires
  • Lore creation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content rollout and positioning

Objectives Pending Completion:

  • Publish official website build
  • Launch Pudgy Media
  • F1 Activation

The Awakening will be complete as we set sail on May 7th towards the promised land, and with it, Chapter 1 of our story will be unveiled.

Weekly Updates:

Every Sunday we will be hosting a discord AMA at 4pm est. Each Discord AMA will be recorded for those that missed them and will be available on Pudgy Media.

Things that will be discussed during these huddles will include:

  • Vision
  • Mission initiatives
  • Weekly progress updates
  • What to look forward to in the week ahead
  • Any questions or concerns

Monthly updates:

On the first day of every month, we will post a monthly update, like this one, on Pudgy Media. This will begin on June 1st. We will also do a monthly Twitter space recapping that month’s accomplishments.

We believe in the importance of communication and transparency from the team, and we hope this message can shed light on our vision and mission. Our team is ecstatic to continue building alongside The Huddle, and we’re ready to embark on this journey of creating the fastest-growing NFT brand in the world.

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Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle