Safety First

August 13, 2023

At Pudgy Penguins, our commitment to holder safety is part of our DNA. We work diligently to educate the Huddle and combat the scammers who constantly target our holders. Often, people in crypto don’t choose to learn about safety until AFTER they get scammed, but we’re here to change that.

Today we’re excited to launch a first of its kind soulbound token (SBT) to reward people who prioritize utilizing safe practices, educating themselves and others about safety, and directly going head to head with scammers.

Introducing the Safety Pin - an earnable soulbound token for everyone!

The Safety Pin will stand as a testament to your personal commitment to be safe every day!  

This is our first SBT that can be earned by anyone--even people outside of the Huddle! We’re proud to be launching this SBT with the help of the Boring Security DAO - a DAO that specializes in providing safety education in the crypto space. We’ve partnered with them to host a class for Pudgy Penguins holders on August 20th at 11 AM ET, and each graduate of that course will receive a Pudgy Safety SBT. Additionally, we’ll reward previous graduates of the Boring Security DAO who also hold a Pudgy Penguin or Lil Pudgy with the same SBT. 

Sign up for Boring Security’s class for Pudgy Penguin and Lil Pudgy holders here. The course is about 120 minutes long, and upon finishing the course and passing their quiz, you’ll receive a Boring Security POAP and be the first Penguin to receive the Safety Pin!

Safety is for EVERYONE!

We recognize that safety is a problem for all NFT, crypto, and online communities. We’ll award this SBT both to Pudgy Penguin holders and individuals in Web3 who demonstrate a commitment to safety. We want to elevate and encourage any individual who treats safety as a priority, even if they haven’t joined the Huddle yet! 

Ongoing Safety Efforts

We work tirelessly to promote community safety and now, you can be a part of it! We’ll continue to maintain our weekly and monthly safety programming, and community members, or other individuals, who participate in these activities and demonstrate their commitment to safety will be eligible to receive the Safety Pin! 

  • Combatting Scammers: Since March of this year we’ve been working with Doppel to protect holders from scams across all social media mediums and to fight malicious websites through engagement with wallet companies. Holders who identify impersonator social media accounts, websites, or other Pudgy Penguins related scams can report these to any Pudgy staff member using the scam reports channel in our discord.
  • Spaces and Threads: Our Community Safety Lead TheChild regularly hosts spaces on X, and posts threads detailing best practices and current trends in the safety world. Whether you’re new to the Huddle or new to safety, start here with the beginner’s guide to Penguin Safety!
  • Discord Safety Corner: Every week we post safety tips, updates, and advice in the #safety-corner channel located within our Discord. 

Make sure to join us on Discord to learn more, and participate in our weekly Safety Q&A for chances to earn the Safety Pin!

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle