November Recap

December 15, 2023

Welcome to your monthly recap. As always, we'll continue to update you guys on the latest developments and happenings around the igloo. Let's jump right into our November 2023 recap.

Pudgy Toys Updates 

New Walmart SKU

Initially shown in the UK, the Blind Boxes, which contain one of the six clip-on plushies, are now also available at Walmart. These boxes have their own dedicated stand in a separate store location from the other Pudgy Toys. 

Cyber Monday Celebrity Box

We launched a Walmart-exclusive bundle box, the Celebrity Box, which is a bundle of the clip-on, the huggable plush, the igloo, and the action figure.
We were also featured on Walmart's home page.

Pudgy Penguins Celebrity Box and Walmart's home page

New Locations

Pudgy Toys are now available in Hot Topic, in Toys R Us Canada, and in Smyths Toy Store in Ireland as well.

Social Media Growth

This month, we reached some major social media growth milestones, namely 1 million followers on Instagram, and 10 billion views on Giphy. After continuously grinding and creating content for the past year and a half, we're very proud of these accomplishments. That said, we're not planning on slowing down any time soon.

Pudgy Penguins on Giphy and Instagram

Speaking of brand awareness, our very own Luca Netz appeared on a number of TV news and morning shows to spread the word about Pudgy Penguins.

Luca Netz talking Pudgy Penguins on TV

Community Initiatives 

We added a dedicated forum within our Discord to feature and highlight all sorts of community-made initiatives. With this forum, we aim to increase exposure to those creations and highlight the best examples of IP utilization. 
Just this month, there were a number of new community-made products, such as plushies, toys, books, and artworks, that were created based on their respective Pudgy NFTs. The opportunity to create things with your Pudgy NFTs is not to be overlooked. Combine an incredibly powerful IP with a supportive and passionate community, and there's no limit to what you can achieve. Explore the Create forum within our Discord to learn more and join the discussions.

Some highlighted products include: "Herbies" Herbal Weighted Plush Toys, Hotdog Pudgy Wrist Pillow, and Left-facing Penguin Merch.

Community initiatives and products in Pudgy Discord

Other Happenings 

Creative Highlights:

Closing Remarks

November was a big month for us. From rolling out more products in partnership with Walmart, to achieving major milestones in social media growth, to incredible community activities and creations. At the end of the month, we've also had an influx of newcomers who were interested in learning more about Pudgy Penguins, and it's been incredibly endearing to see our community help onboard and educate so many new people.
We're already planning out our goals for 2024, which is right around the corner, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store.

As we continue on this journey of building the fastest-growing IP brand in Web3, we are grateful that you are all on this ride with us. The Pudgy Penguins are different from the rest, and we will build, we will innovate, and we will excel.

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Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle

Pudgy Media is built with for The Huddle