January 2023: Laying the Foundation

February 7, 2023

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Welcome to your monthly Pudgy recap! As promised, we’ll continue to provide monthly updates for penguins who may have been fishing in a cave. Here’s your January recap!

In January, we laid the foundation for our Web3 ecosystem to expand to the masses and migrate to demand, all while giving our users the choice to do so. From our cross-chain initiative to Soulbound infrastructure improvements, January was a month full of making sure our IP is accessible to new users. Let’s travel across the Pudgy Universe and look at everything we accomplished in January.

Lil Pudgys Go Cross-Chain

In collaboration with LayerZero, the leading omnichain interoperability protocol, we made Lil Pudgys cross-chain. This means every Lil Pudgy can choose to bridge from Ethereum to and between Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum. We selected these three chains due to their rapidly growing popularity. This initiative lays the groundwork for the expansion of the Pudgy Penguins ecosystem and opens up exciting opportunities in the future.

We also issued three Soulbound Tokens, which were awarded to Lil Pudgys once they were bridged from Ethereum to the respective chain using our soulTransport technology.

Check out our full article about our cross-chain initiative here.

London Toy Fair

The annual London Toy Fair is one of the biggest fairs in the toy industry. The exhibition brings together top buyers from across the globe who are looking to find the latest trends and explore new products that will shape future trends.

PMI Toys showcased our Pudgy Toys and their unique value propositions to visitors, including retailers, buyers, the media, and the wider industry. We plan to attend many more events like this as we continue on the journey to build brand awareness.

London Toy Fair 2023

Instagram Growth

Our Instagram is gaining a lot of new traction and even newer audiences as we begin curating funny-relatable content that resonates with everyone. The core thesis for Pudgy Penguins is that the Penguins are an IP anyone can align with, and our Instagram page is a core part of making that happen. Our Instagram and its growth is key to the mass adoption of the Pudgy Penguins IP which will lead to Web2 audiences being exposed to Web3 IP. Some might say we’re creating a Trojan horse into Web3.

Pudgy soulTransport

This month, we introduced Pudgy soulTransport, which is a way to distribute Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) in a decentralized way. With soulTransport, community-led clubs and individuals will be able to give out SBTs and reward participation to grow the Pudgy Ecosystem. The goal is to empower community members and encourage them to create, build, and market the ecosystem with their personal interests and passions.

The first version of a soulTransport issued was our bridging SBTs, which were then followed up by Mooses token!

We will continue to build infrastructure and make updates to this system in the upcoming months.

Penguin Awareness Day

We celebrated Penguin Awareness Day with Oceanites. Oceanites is a non-profit organization with a goal to foster conservation of the world’s oceans, islands, and wildlife, as well as raise global awareness of climate change.

Community Activations

As the Pudgy Penguins community and brand grow, more people begin to "feel it," and this leads to our community growing stronger every day. With this comes community-led initiatives, such as events. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see the community coming together and taking the connections built online into real life.

NYC Meetup https://twitter.com/namsan329/status/1614651264582787076
Singapore Meetup https://twitter.com/OnlyShauns/status/1613846066222501889

We are actively structuring ideas for initiatives and listening to the community's input at meetings and AMAs that happen every other week, and these discussions help us shape our game plan and ensure the team is aligned with the community. You can join these discussions in our Discord.

Closing Remarks

To close off this recap, we want to thank our community for supporting us and every one of our initiatives. Like we say in every recap, our community is a big part and will continue to be a big part of the Pudgy Penguins brand.

As we continue on this journey of building the fastest growing IP brand in Web3, we are grateful that you are all on this ride with us. The Pudgy Penguins are different from the rest, and we will build, we will innovate, and we will excel.

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